Berta Faces the Great Gas Debacle

Photo by Kelsey Rocha: Carly Dreme and the Prius named Berta in Alto, New Mexico July 5, 2015.

Berta is a Prius. While neither her name nor her build evokes imagery of bad-assery, it’s important to know that Berta is in fact a champ. By far, the largest component of a road trip budget is generally the gas, but Berta’s a smart girl:

According to online statistics from Google, a Toyota Prius averages at 48mpg. So suppose we round down and say Berta gets an average of 35 mpg since we’re doing a lot of fast highway driving.

Also, the national average cost of gas is $2.29 (according to google), and adding about $0.20 to that adjust for increased cost/demand on popular highways and destination cities, Berta will eat about $2.50 per gallon.

The current itinerary is approximating just under 10,000 miles. I’m open to going up into Canada or shaving or adding extra places. Plus there will be additional traveling for sightseeing and getting lost. So let’s calculate 12,000 miles.

This will all yield a gas expense of $857.15 absolute worst case scenario, and best case scenario Berta’s gas budget breaks down to $479.17. Odds are that the numbers will end up somewhere between those two values. Since there are always at least 2 people in the car at any time, each person will spend somewhere between $240 and $429 on gas. This is basic airfare for one flight across the U.S., but takes us across 6 weeks of locations instead of just one.

Berta is not flashy, fast, or equipped for extreme elements. Berta wasn’t made for off-roading or drag racing. But Berta chooses to focus on what she can do instead of what she can’t. She’s a thrifty. She’s safe. She’s spacious. She’s ready.


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